Remains of the Yamada(yoda) Bugyo Official Residence


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Location: Oyashiki, 2 Fukiage Ise City

The origin of Yamada (Yoda) Bugyo (governor) system goes back to 1603 when Tokugawa Ieyasu established the Shogunate in Edo. Nagano Kuranojo Tomohide was dispatched that year, and the system of rule lasted for more than 260 years, or 48 generations all the way up until the Meiji Restoration.

As either the governor of the Ise Domain or the magistrate in Yokkaichi

served simultaneously as Bugyo in the beginning, a subordinate would be appointed in Yamada (Yoda) City who would conduct public affairs at his official residence. That is why there are many other place names in the city that are named like a government office.

The remains of this official residence, which is called “Oyashiki,” are the remains of a government office newly established in 1630 by the sixth generation Okada Ise no Kami Yoshiatsu.

Later, when Hanabusa Shima no Kami Yoshitsugu was appointed exclusively as Yamada (Yoda) Bugyo, he constructed an office in the area that is currently called Misono Town Ohayashi. Then, in 1638, the boathouse and residence of the constable, which had been in Aritakiura, were transferred to this location. The functions of official residence and public affair office in 2 Fukiage were also transferred at that time, but it is said that the location was used as it is for a period of time after that.

The remains of the public affairs office in 2 Fukiage are still referred to as “Oyashiki,” and “Oyashiki Inari Shrine” (located 130m to the north-northeast), which used to be the village shrine, still has numerous devotees.

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